Premiere of “Dorian Gray. Beauty knows no mercy” (*)

Monday, 30 January, 2017 - 20:00
DORIAN GRAY. La belleza non ha pietá. “Great Hall” (*)


In this edition, 080 Barcelona Fashion are very pleased to count on the support of designer Pierre Cardin, who will present his production "Dorian Gray. Beauty knows no mercy "in the Great Hall of the National Theatre of Catalonia (TNC) After the great success of the world premiere at La Fenice Theater in Venice, the prestigious designer will present his musical at the TNC. The play reflects on the inexorable march of time in an interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s play.


The designer, who not only produces the play but also designed the costumes, will be at the play’s first performance at the TNC. Within the framework of the premiere, the 080 organization, on behalf of the Generalitat of Catalonia, will pay tribute to the designer’s long career.


Through words and the music this show, by Daniele Martini, speaks of the beauty and the obsessions of a perfectly contemporary icon. The story begins at the moment Dorian is thirty-eight years old and already a mature man. Although his appearance has remained unchanged over time, his soul, trapped in the portrait he hid years ago, has monstrous and unmistakable signs of having lived unspeakable horrors. Each of these signs has a story, an emotion that Dorian relives as he reflects on life from the perspective of his beauty.


In about an hour and a half, the fifteen arias of the score are set in a torrent of acting and intensely illuminated scenes. The aesthetic discourse takes place within an abstract and solid scenographical context which, in synergy with the video production, transports the action on stage from the perspective of the protagonist to a realm of fantasy.


Rodrigo Basilicati is resposible for the artístic direction and scenes of this production directe by Wayne Fowkes and d’Emanuele Gamba with costumes designed by Pierre Cardin. In the role of Wilde’s literary character is Federico Marignetti, joined on stage by Thibault Servière. Daniele Falangone, musical arrangement and sound; Sara Caliumi, vídeo designer and Paolo Bonapace, light designer, make up the rest of the production cast.


DORIAN GRAY. Beauty knows no mercy

Production: Pierre Cardin

Artistic director and scenes: Rodrigo Basilicati

Direction: Emanuele Gamba

Performers: Federico Marignetti i Thibault Servière

Autor de text i música: Daniele Martini

Stage director: Wayne Fowkes

AArrangements and sound: Daniele Falangone

Video design: Sara Caliumi

Lights design: Paolo Bonapace

Costumes: Pierre Cardin

Production delegate Spain (Catalonia): Testamento PCT

Technicalgate coordination delegate Spain (Catalonia): David Pascual




in 1922 in San Biagio di Callalta, began working in the fashion world in 1946 next to Dior, but since 1950 he founded his own brand, presenting his first collection for women three years later. He is one of the leading figures in the sector. He has a creative transgressive spirit and, has created a whole new style inspired by the avant-garde designs and by the architectural treatment of space.

Cardin was the Czar of ready-to-wear and revolutionized the fashion world not only on the creative side, but also for his entrepreneurial spirit and his business vision. His relationship with the theater dates back to his beginnings, designing costumes for plays and producing more than 400 plays in the Espace Cardin. Just over two months ago, in November 2016, Pierre Cardin celebrated, at the Academy of Fine Arts of the Institut de France in Paris, his 70-year career. 080 Barcelona Fashion now wants to join the celebration and pay tribute to him for his professional career.


Author and composer born in Padua, Daniele Martini has acquired extensive experience in composition and singing in various fields: classical, pop and soundtracks. As a result of these experiences he decided to dedicate himself completely to the singing and writing of musical works: his talent was soon discovered by French producer and patron Pierre Cardin. In 2009, Cardin produced his own musical "Casanova, love and deceit in Venice" which, after the world premiere in St. Mark's Square, went on to success throughout Europe with noteworthy performances at the Kremlin's Grand Theater in Moscow and the Opera of Athens. In 2013 Daniele Martini signed “Hamlet, a musical drama” as author, performer, director and co-producer, in another Pierre Cardin production. His third work for musical theater, again produced by Pierre Cardin, is “Dorian Gray, beauty knows no mercy.”





Born in Rome, Federico lives in Montepulciano, where he studied classical, acoustic and electric guitar and graduated from secondary school with a diploma in humanities. In 2009 he was admitted to BSMT Bologna, graduating in September 2012. That same year he joined the cast of Spring Awakening Italia, directed by Emanuele Gamba, in the role of the protagonist Melchior Gabor, participating in the 2013 / 2014 and 2014/2015 tours. From March 2014 until February 2016 he is the new Romeo in the popular opera Romeo and Juliet-Love, and change the world, directed by Giuliano Peparini, produced by David Zard. He participated in the films The Tourist / Lost in Florence, directed by Evan Oppenheimer, in the role of Filippo, and “Assolo”, directed by Laura Morante. He participated in the RAI channel dedicated to fiction, with”Un passo dal cielo 3”, directed by Jan Michelini and “Una pattolota nel cuore 2”, directed by Luca Manfredi. In September 2016 he was nominated for the Persefone Award for Best Supporting Actor and won the Persefone Award for Best Emerging Actor. In 2016, he debuted with the starring role in; Dorian Gray-Beauty knows no mercy





At the tender age of 12, Thibault took his first steps on the boards as a solo trapeze artist in circus art, and this would trigger his love for the stage. In fact, after the success of his performance, at the national circus meeting in Amiens, he performed at the CIRCA festival, the International Festival of Domont. While still at school, he began doing courses in acting. Immediately after graduating from secondary school, he entered the Francis Poulenc Conservatory with Erik Jacobiac, an artistic and human encounter that would bring him his first project for television and theater. On his way, he met Nadia Vadori-Gauthier, a talented artist, and was admitted to his prestigious choreographic laboratory in which he would fully explore the potential of corporal expression.


His skills caught the eye of Pierre Cardin, designer but also theatrical producer for 50 years. He is currently appearing in the role of Dorian Gray’s soul in, “Dorian Gray, beauty knows no mercy”, Daniele Martini's musical.





Born in Leeds, Great Britain, Wayne Fowkes lives in Austria with his family. He began his career as a singer and dancer in London's West End, where landed parts in big West End shows. His professional career led him to choreography and artistic direction for, among other things, television productions in Britain and Europe. At age 30 he became resident director for Andrew Lloyd Webber. In 2000 he became artistic coordinator at the Millenium Dome in London. In that same year, he was signed as artistic director for the musical “Notre-Dame de Paris”, also taking charge of the productions in other languages. Shortly after, in 2004, Wayne would be artistic director of the musical “Don Juan”. In 2007 he directed his first own production, “Butterflies”, presented in Beijing. In 2011 Wayne directed his biggest adventure to date: “Odysseus of Cavalia”, currently still touring North America.





Emanuele Gamba, actor and director, had just turned 20 when he began his training in his hometown and since 1993, directs the theatre company, Ars Nova, which still represents his favorite laboratory for study and set-up. In 1995 he graduated in History of Theater at the Università degli Studi in Pisa with the thesis: The Juggler of the Middle Ages in Dario Fo, where he stays on as assistant and collaborator during 1994 and 1995; In this same year he began to collaborate as an actor and director with Alberto Fassini, Franco Ripa di Meana, Marina Bianchi, Micha van Hoecke, Hugo De Ana, Jonathan Miller and Bob Wilson- with whom he works in the best Italian theaters.


From 1995 onwards, he deepened his training as an actor and director with teachers from the prestigious Istituto Gitis in Moscow and the Guildhall School in London.


Since 1997 he has been collaborating with director Daniele Abbado in numerous Italian and foreign opera and theater productions. For ten years he has been artistic director of the Spazio Giovani Fuoricentro in Livorno, center for the languages ​​of art and entertainment, and was invited to teach stage art at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice.


Then comes the musical and the great modern opera “I promessi sposi” of Michele Guardi with whom he collaborates in the direction of the debut at the Meazza Stadium in Milan (San Siro). Staying in the genre, he directed, Across the Universe, a show based on the Beatles' musical world, and then Spring awakening, which is in its second year of a national tour in the largest national theaters. He has directed numerous theatrical productions by authors such as Goldoni, Flavian, Carroll, Ionesco, Cocteau, Homer, Kafka and Pasolini, and also directed opera and musical theatre by composers like Mascagni, Leoncavallo, Puccini, Favali, Riggi and others.