Skull Rider presentation

Tuesday, 30 June, 2015 - 11:30

From the ambitions of two youngsters who dreamed of motorcycle adventures together comes the new firm Skull Rider, a fashion company that makes rebellion and freedom its trademark.


Jorge and Ruben have been inseparable since they were four. Their passion for motorcycles was born in their first childhood games when they did not yet know what the future held for them. In time, Jorge became world champion in motorcycling and Ruben a businessman.


Jorge Lorenzo has always had the world of fashion between among his personal interests and Rubén Vinagre always wanted to engage in business management. Both have achieved their dreams and from joining forces emerges this new fashion brand.



Skull Rider is the new fashion brand inspired mainly on the American biker style. Historic Route 66 is a journey to explore freedom, a search for adventures on a road that crosses North America from coast to coast. The Skull Rider spirit can be traced to that feeling of freedom of flying down an infinite road through a breathtaking landscape with only the sound of the breeze and where the horizon is the only limit.


Skull Rider is not just a name. It is the character who stars in the graphic image of the brand, a human skeleton with life, being a nonconformist and rebellious; a helmeted skeleton riding a motorcycle who comes to illustrate the risk-lover lifestyle, who does not follow the rules and has the winners attitude that comes with youth and the desire to live without fear of danger.


A kind of modern Steve McQueen lifestyle, versatile, light-hearted, indomitable and with just a touch of the rogue.



In this first installment, we have chosen two of the biker fetish products: sunglasses and T-shirts. These products are the just the beginning and new items will be added in future collections.


The collection of shirts, entirely made in Spain, is made with high quality materials and is meticulous to the last detail. Proof of this are the seams, labels, patterns and techniques applied and the striking packaging. In the process of creation, we looked for materials with touches of technical elements and metallic effects.


For the collection of sunglasses, she has worked on the PC, a type of polymer that perfectly combines strength, durability and lightness. As for the aesthetic we find reinterpretations of military prints, classics like the hawksbill and an assortment of colors. Mounts acid pink, indigo blue, lime green or camel and mirrored crystals amazing color. A trim level has greatly improved the soft touch rubber gives the glasses an exquisite texture.


Skull Rider stomp the accelerator presenting his first campaign starring model Desiree Cordero next to consecrated Javier De Miguel, besides the own Jorge Lorenzo.


Band collections Skull Rider products exclusively online through its website



Day: Tuesday, June 30th
Time: 11:30