Opening Fashion Art exhibition by Manuel Fernández

Tuesday, 28 June, 2016 - 20:30

The exhibition is a project of the Fashion Art Institute, chaired by designer Manuel Fernández fuses fashion and art, combining the two forms of expression in the same piece of cloth. 28 artists of the European Union are the protagonists of this unique exhibition, where the artistic support is a costume created by designer Manuel Fernandez as a three-dimensional canvas. In it each of the artists has shaped his personal technique to communicate European values ​​from their particular style.


In short, EU Fashion Art is an exhibition that gives the opportunity to appreciate art, fashion and European values, intermixed on the same support: a suit.


The almost pictorial images of photographer Eugenio Recuenco come together perfectly with each of the artists that make up the project.


The mannequins have been created specifically for this exhibition by Atrezzo.


The European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) located in the Palau Gomis Borne neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​presents contemporary figurative art. It belongs to the Foundation of the Arts and Artists, whose purpose is the promotion and dissemination of figurative art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.


Fashion Art presents a joint work between artists and fashion designer, in which the respective languages ​​are articulated and combine to create a dress that is itself a work of art.


The designer Manuel Fernandez, with a great international career, was in 1998 the initiative to merge art and fashion, combining in one piece the work of renowned artists and design.


From that moment Fashion Art has grown over the years as a plural artistic movement, achieving exceptional results plastic richness and opening new fields of research. Without forgetting the social work that is done through Fashion Art Institute with training workshops for groups at risk of social exclusion that are made with Konecta Foundation, which always accompany the Fashion Art Exhibition.


Fashion Art has been exhibited in more than twenty prestigious museums around the world, highlighting the itinerant for the Americas and has been visited by more than three million people.




Opening at MEAM (Museu Europeu d'Art Modern): June 28th, 8:30 pm.
Exhibition from June 23rd to July 26th
[Barra de Ferro, 5. Barcelona]
Tuesday to Sunday from 10 h to 20 h
General admission: 9 € / reduced admission: 7 €.


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