Wednesday, 29 June, 2016 - 09:00

TEXFOR (The Confederación de la Industria Textil), is once again organising Texmeeting by Texfor during the 080 Barcelona Fashion show. This will be the third annual meeting for the textile industry, where you can find information and the opportunities for networking that the industry is looking for.


This year, under the theme of Sustainability, Texmeeting wants to raise awareness for the need for the textile industry to increasingly opt for a more sustainable development, from an ecological, social and economic point of view and as members of a more respectful society.  


TEXMEETING by Texfor will take place on June 29th in the auditorium of the Instituto Nacional de  Educación  Física de Cataluña (INEFC) in Barcelona  during the Catalan fashion show. We expect an attendance of 150 people including entrepreneur, professionals, designers, press and students of the industry. 



Wednesday, June 29th, 9 am.
Sala de Conferències 080 Barcelona Fashion. INEFC
More info: www.texfor.es
Accreditations: www.texmeetingbytexfor.com