Young talent Catwalk: IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny

Thursday, 22 June, 2017 - 21:00
IED Barcelona Fashion Show 2017 - Fashioners of the World


IED Barcelona celebrates young talent with a Prize honouring Franca Sozzani, Director of Vogue Italia and IED’s Scientific Director for many years


The collection “Devil’s Dance” by Loreto Martí was awarded the Franca Sozzani Prize for the Best Collection by Sara Maino, Robert Cavell-Clarke and Philippe Pourhashemi


Isabel Coixet presented the award for Best Fashion Film to “Psycho Nhomad” by Denise Graus

Twenty-three students on the Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design and the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design presented their end-of-course collections at the fashion show organized by IED Barcelona Advanced School of Design in the Auditori de Barcelona. For the first time, a special prize was awarded for the Best Collection in honour of Franca Sozzani (1950-2016), editor of Vogue Italia for 28 years and a friend of IED Barcelona, and a prize for the Best Fashion Film was presented by the film director Isabel Coixet.


The collection “Devil’s Dance” by Loreto Martí was the winner of the Franca Sozzani Prize for the Best Collection. This project by a student on the Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design looks at the world of the Amish, especially the concept of Rumspringa, the time at which young Amish come into contact with big cities for the first time and decide whether they want to continue to be part of the Amish community or not. The women’s collection “Devil’s Dance” plays with the contrast between the conventions of Amish clothing and modern dress by including provocative expressions in striking colours and all the things that the women cannot wear, such as buttons, men's hats and trousers.

The jury was made up of Sara Maino, director of Vogue Talents and Sozzani’s niece, Robert Cavell‑Clarke, from the Not Just a Label platform, and Philippe Pourhashemi, international fashion consultant. “IED wanted to commemorate the Italian editor, the undisputed leader of the world fashion culture, for her involvement in the sector and her promotion of talented young people from IED Barcelona through the My Own Show contest,” explained Alessandro Manetti, director of IED Barcelona.


In this edition, the essential role played by the new technologies in fashion communication was also highlighted, with a special prize for the Best Fashion Film being awarded by the well-known film director Isabel Coixet. The short film “Psycho Nhomad”, about the collection by student Denise Graus, was the winner of the prize, which was presented by the Catalan director.


The film, by a student on the BA (Hons) in Fashion Design, creates a unique aesthetic language that criticises our society and defends the individuality of human beings. Set in an industrial space, the models are wearing clothes from the collection that are escaping from conventional shapes and patterns while fighting against their own instincts to let their human nature emerge and, therefore, display their emotions.


Fashioners of the World represents the creative process inherent in the educational progress of each of these new designers: concept development, then research into images, sketches, colours and styles and finally their application to fabrics, materials, patterns, volumes and accessories. With their collections, the students reflect on the complexity of the contemporary social and relational fabric as a universal interpreter of the many global identities of the 21st century,” said Manetti, commenting on the 23 projects presented at the Auditori de Barcelona.


The end result grew out of the great efforts made by the students, demonstrating the thoroughness and the qualities of the members of the IED Barcelona teaching staff who guided them through the process. The students received advice from professionals of the likes of Pilar Pasamontes, Scientific Director of Fashion and Julia Weems, the school’s Director of Fashion; and the guidance of designers Juan Salvadó, José Castro, Txell Miras, René Zamudio and Sebastián Pons and the stylist Jaume Vidiella, who passed on their knowledge to them during the development of their final projects.


About IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny

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