080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom

Wednesday, 27 June, 2018 - 10:00

080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom

(27 / 28 june )

Place: Sala Hipóstila


The Catalan Fashion Cluster (MODACC), in cooperation with the Consortium of Trade, Crafts and Fashion of Catalonia (CCAM-Generalitat of Catalonia), undertake once again to bring buyers, distributors and / or agents to 080 Barcelona Fashion, in the framework of the sixth edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Showroom.
The objective of this initiative is to strengthen the international commercial dimension of 080 BARCELONA FASHION through the attraction of international buyers and the coordination of work agendas with Catalan brands under the auspices of the forthcoming summer edition of the Catalan Fashion Week.
More than 20 brands will participate in this Showroom that will take place exclusively two days, June 27th and 28th , 2018, at the Hipostila Hall, inside the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Complex.
Modacc has undertaken the task of inviting not only international buyers but also all multi brand retailers and professionals in the fashion sector who wish to access the 080 Showroom space within 080 Barcelona Fashion.


Contact and information

Susana Barasoain
[email protected]
T.+34 934 151 228