Parallel Activities

080 Design contest

080 Barcelona Fashion organizes the third edition of the 080 Design Contest, a contest in collaboration with a number of Catalan fashion design schools. This competition provides 080 Barcelona Fashion’s own merchandising products.

A homage to the creator Andrés Sardà

As part of the tribute that 080 Barcelona Fashion offers to designer Andrés Sardà, ballet dancer Ángel Corella will offer a performance that will be enjoyed along with iconic pieces of the label.

Exhibition A piece of hairdressing history by Raffel Pages

“A piece of hairdressing history” is an exhibition of part of the collection from the Raffel Pagès Museum of Hairdressing.

Exhibition Jeanne Lanvin "Ses Débuts à Barcelone”

Barcelona and Catalunya have contributed much to the world of international fashion, one of the most relevant and little-known however, stands out: the close relationship between the great Jeanne Lanvin (1867-1946), creator of the House of Fashion and brand [...]

Exhibition Photo Gallery

Selection of the most creative fashion photos made by photography and fashion photography students from Catalan fashion and photography schools.

Exhibition: arts&fashion

Fashion, seen from a conceptual point of view. With the participation of artists from different disciplines.

Fero, Oncological Investigation Fundation

The Fero foundation was founded by the current president Dr. Josep Baselga 2001. At the same time he is medical director of the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center in New York.

Francina, beyond fashion

Francina, mannequin, model, businesswoman and discoverer of great top models, has written a book essential for a first hand understanding of the passionate world of fashion, models and beauty in general, from the 60’s to the present

Littlelia by Beth

Unique and special pieces, sewed with our very own hands. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do.

Masterclass – Roser Marcé

Roser Marcé’s capacity to communicate this philosophy of excellence has been an important element in establishing the reputation of the label, both in Spain and international markets.