Friday, 29 June, 2018 - 09:00

Place: Auditori Francesc Cambó

TEXFOR (The Confederación de la Industria Textil), is once again organising Texmeeting by Texfor during the 080 Barcelona Fashion show. It will be the sixth annual meeting for the textile industry, where you can find information and the opportunities for networking that the industry is looking for.

We are living a moment of change, especially transcendent, a disruptive period marked by constant evolution, which takes the pulse of today's companies and forces them to adapt quickly, to anticipate events in order to be competitive.
There are many and different aspects to consider and that is why, in this edition of Texmeeting, under the title TRENDS: ADVANCE IN TIMES OF DISRUPTION, we talk about trends, sociopolitical, technological, intellectual property, circular economy, industrial, of new business models, among many other topics, a look at what will impact us tomorrow to be able to improve today.
TEXMEETING by Texfor will take place on June 29th in the Francesc Cambó Room at the Sant Pau Art Noveau Site in Barcelona during the Catalan fashion show. We expect an attendance of 150 people including entrepreneur, professionals, designers, press and students of the industry.