Colmillo de Morsa with the young designers

Barcelona Lifestyle
Wednesday, 31 July
Many designers choose Barcelona to establish. It is one of the cities with a greater diversity of styles and multidisciplinary talents per square metre, specially in the Born and Gràcia quarters, the fashion districts that are proud of having their own hallmark. 


In this context, a new space is born on Vic Street in Gràcia. It is the shop-atelier of the brand Colmillo de Morsa, formed by the creative duo Elisabet Vallecillo and Javier Blanco. The space hosts the latest collections of the brand, as well as an exquisite selection of quality garments made by various designers, which have a recognizable style and are produced and made in Spain. 


This way, in addition to the garments by Colmillo de Morsa, other brands like A-couple, Ahida Agirre, Selim de Somavilla (080 designer), Pablo Erroz and Victor Von Schwarz can be found in the spot. Deux Souliers is in charge of the footwear, the jewelry is from Lulasays and the accessories from Manila Barcelona and Cleautch. Many of these creators are still very connected with the pop-up stores of the 080 Barcelona Fashion.


The venue itself is attractive, and it is characterised by the simplicity of the lines, the use of natural materials and the recovery of artisan products. The architecture is also connected with the values that define the represented brands.


Now you know, if you are a fanatic of design, the crafts, the quality and the exclusivity, this is one of the showcases that becomes a reference meeting point for the independent fashion.