Moda 22, a comprehensive support for young designers

Joy Roset, Moda22
Barcelona Lifestyle
Thursday, 15 May

Born in Barcelona, ​​an innovative project that drives to enterprise level the young designers. Moda 22 is the first accelerator for Spanish fashion companies offering comprehensive services to support the design of future promises, which have -mostly- insufficient resources to be solvent.


Created one month ago, Moda 22 is an entrepreneurial initiative driven by young Joy Roset, part of the third generation of the Roset family, a Catalan company with over 40 years experience who wants to share all their baggage and experience with emerging talent in the city. Nowadays, "the industry is quite disconnected with the younger generation and the sector unknown their needs," says Joy Roset. "Young people who start now have many difficulties because they don’t have neither business experience nor structure," he continues. “This is where we intervene to guide designers to form their own company offering the services they need to only have to worry about design," he concludes.


Under this concern, Moda 22 offers to young designers Roset family’s experience and contacts professionally so they can start their adventure in the sector. In this sense, the platform give the available facilities to accelerate the production and manufacturing processes. "Designers can use industrial machinery, garment factories and all the infrastructure they want to produce the garments for the collection", qualifies Joy Roset. A path to emancipation that "prevents many throw in the towel," he adds.


Located in the Poblenou area of ​​Barcelona, Moda 22 also provides advisory services and custom consulting, and other more specialized services such as job counseling, tax and accounting, marketing and communication strategies , and even support for the financing . The main target of this project are students from schools of Catalan design and MODAFAD platform.



Moda 22 also has a co-working space where designers can work together to create a small cluster of creativity within an industry that needs new blood. Definitely, this is a comprehensive program that allows future talent to pull forward their own fashion company in a  responsibly and effective way.