Tuesday, 31 March

The same femininity and geometry that we could find in Lydia Delgado’s womenswear designs now can be seen in her illustrations. “Drawing Dolls” is the title for her solo exhibition held until the end of April in the Alejandro Sales Gallery in Barcelona. It’s a collection of 40 drawings by Lydia Delgado, who shows here for the first time this other aspect of her talent and creativity. Each drawings is devoted to a female figure of her personal imagination and is characterized by balance and great color combination as well as some feminine spirit and a touch of irony, qualities inherent to Lydia Delgado’s universe, whether it’s a piece of clothing or a watercolor work.
Through “Drawing Dolls” we can discover a new dimension of this unique and iconic Spanish designer born in Barcelona who, after a while excelling as a ballerina, decided to work in the world of fashion and jewelry design. She started alongside Antonio Miró and it was in 1987 that she opened her own atelier in Minerva’s Street –and she continues to have her store there- where she created elegant and timeless pieces tailor-made. In 1992 she debuted in the Catalan Gaudi Catwalk and in 1998 she presented her first ready-to-wear collection. Nowadays, her daughter Miranda Makaroff –regular 080 Barcelona Fashion face- has been added to the brand’s designer team to bring a fresher and younger point of view.
“Drawing Dolls” es pot visitar fins al 30 d’abril a la Galeria Alejandro Sales
C/ Julián Romea, 16. Barcelona