New Blood
Monday, 23 March

In this 15th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion the emerging talent was more present than ever. Not only the official award –won by Isometric- turned into the Premi Nacional de la Generalitat de Catalunya al Disseny Emergent 080 Barcelona Fashion but was also given the Dress Coke award, organized by Coca-Cola and whose finalist designs were showcased in the Open Area, visited by almost 40,000 attendees throughout the four days of shows.
On Wednesday 4th of February took place the award ceremony naming Adrià Doy, from Felicidad Duce school, the winner, who will see his designs worn by the entire Coca-Cola Spain commercial net of nearly 1,000 members. Doy explains about the contest: “Being uniforms implies much more than one can imagine. My starting point was that the final users of my designs wouldn’t feel disguised nor uncomfortable with them. But it was a design competition so I couldn’t present basics. I should add personal details to make my designs stand out apart from creating a professional and corporate look. Finding this balance was my focus while designing the collection”.
And, according to the jury, he succeeded in founding it as he won in the first edition of this competition for emerging talent with more than 70 contestants from design schools from all Spain. Doy admits that having his designs showcased at 080 Barcelona Fashion was “a first recognition to his work as a designer and an opportunity to show his talent to a wider audience than his close circle” and is thankful for “institutions, brands and events like the 080 Barcelona Fashion which support young talents and designers”.
Winning this award was a whirlwind of emotions and a motivation to see that all the past efforts pay off” explains Adrià Doy who, once overcoming the Dress Coke challenge, is now working on his first collection named Symbiosis, “the most personal project I’ve worked in ever”. A new step in the career of this 21st year old youngster who doesn’t lack determination and talent to succeed in the difficult and fascinating fashion world.