The exquisiteness of Maria Roch

Maria Roch
New Blood
Thursday, 24 April

Maria Roch designer steadily maintained her career in the design world. This mind awake and nimble fingers creative just released the new Spring -Summer 2014 collection titled 'Ambiguous Drops'. In it, Maria Roch returns to sensitive and pristine style through versatile garments like dresses, shirts and jumpsuits, a specialty of the firm.



Inspired by soap bubbles, the collection is characterized by the variety of sheer fabrics (especially silks, viscose gauze and cotton), oversize silhouettes and straight lines of minimalist air. The garments are designed for a woman that wants to feel free and do not care about trends but for the daily comfort without sacrificing style. Maria Roch is no lover of prints or the stridency and in this new proposal reproposes monochrome pastel shades ranging from pale yellow, nude, mint green or pool blue. A soft and relaxed color palette that reminiscents of the various states of water.


Currently, Maria Roch sells her designs through two stores in Barcelona, ​​fifteen physical outlets and new online portals specialized in designer creations. A small distribution network that ensures the survival of this young designer struggling to gain a foothold in the sector. So far she gets it.