The future promises of the Catalan design

New Blood
Tuesday, 9 September

One more year, the 080 Barcelona Fashion aims to be a speaker of the new talents that arise annually from the main Catalan schools of fashion and design. With a clear educational vocation and support to the work of the younger generations and the centers that impart design and fashion, the Catalan catwalk has dedicated a space in the web to show dissertations of the brightest students in the sector. 



This time, 9 schools have participated in the initiative: 8 from Barcelona and one of Sabadell, and these are ELISAVA; Isla, Escuela municipal de arte; Escuela Profesional de la Mujer; Escuela Superior de Diseño de Barcelona Felicidad Duce; ESDI, Escuela Superior de Diseño, Instituto Catalán de la Moda; IDEP Barcelona, IED Barcelona y La Llotja. In total, have been exhibited nearly a hundred of projects from students of fashion and design. 

You can view all the projects at this link. Judge in yourselves the talent of the future Catalan designers.