Modafad Awards

New Blood
Thursday, 6 February
One more time, the MODAFAD catwalk, springboard for budding talents, has closed the 080 Barcelona Fashion, setting the bar high in the field of creation. The autumn-winter 2014/15 collections designed by excelling Guillem Rodríguez (BAU) and Patricia Ferreira (IED), winner and finalist respectively of the last edition of MODAFAD, have been presented. 

Guillem Rodríguez

Set in an operatic atmosphere created by the music played, Guillerm Rodríguez has presented ‘Vulnérable’, the evolution of his previous work ‘Romantycs’, which reflects on the role of the romantic youngsters. On this basis, the collection proposes bold silhouettes accompanied by classic tailoring elements, wool and textures. Black and white, different shades of gray and navy blue are the predominant colours of the range.


Guillerm Rodríguez counted on the collaboration of Ingrid Pozo, who designed the handbags, and the firm Kirei, who made the brooches. The checkered and pin-striped patterns and the hats round off an exquisite collection. 



Patricia Ferreira

Patricia Ferreira takes us to the city of Berlin, epicenter of the underground movement, to present ‘Alex’. The offering, which is full of contrasts, is aimed at free and urban women. Androgynous silhouettes, volumes, carrot pants, black and white, fantasy prints, crop tops and neoprene fabrics are part of this contemporary range that bursts with character.