Paloma Wool, the new generation of Nice Things

Paloma Lanna
New Blood
Friday, 2 May

Paloma Lanna, daughter of the founders of Nice Things has embarked on the adventure of design under her own brand, paloma wool -name that refers to the internationalization of her surname. Born in Barcelona, ​​the new firm, obeys to the artistic concerns of Paloma and her passion for fashion and analog photography and is presented as a pilot project where different disciplines are fused together.


paloma wool is the emancipation of the young designer, who after spending some time learning the trade, through the parent Brand, has managed to start her own company where she express her unique creative universe.


Paloma Lanna’s brand is based on local production, online sales through its website and links art as the main driving force of design. Not surprisingly, the company is aimed at an audience with artistic sensitivity and who appreciate craftsmanship and exclusivity.

The centerpiece of the debut collection focuses on plush sweaters, numbered, limited edition and prints with photographies taken by the creative in places that have inspired her such as Japan and New Zealand. These are complemented by a series of timeless pieces, made of basic lines, natural fabrics and carefully chosen colors.

Keep an eye on this designer who understands fashion as a channel to express art.