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Pablo Erroz is a clothing brand created in 2012 by the designer who names and imbues it with life. Under the concept – SEASONLESS, INDIVIDUALISTIC AND GENDERLESS QUALITY CLOTHING MADE IN SPAIN FOR MULTITASKING WORLD CITIZENS the collections born interpret a fusion of the most clear-cut street style together with an easy and sophisticated luxury, updated to the new times. Under an artistic dimension and a free spirit, colour, music, contemporary items and pop culture always accompany the creative process. While being committed to the individual and the synergy between people and situations, clothes no longer understand gender and find their match. Clothing + leather goods with daring and sporty silhouettes, together with an approach to craftsmanship and a love attraction to outer garments. We identify with small niches, ageless individualists who lead their way through personal objectives, as well as the whole new group being part of the multitasking era. Nicknamed by VOGUE as a worthy "heir of the New Yorker cool", the brand has several recognitions, such as the Onda Cero awards for Design (2014), Barcelona Designers Collective (2015) – commissioned by Georgina Chapman (Marchesa) and Collin McDowell (Vogue USA) – as well as the best Spanish male designer at the prestigious Woolmark Prize (2017). Since its inception, the brand has been presenting collections on different platforms like MBFWMadrid, Vienna Fashion Week and, currently, under the 080 Barcelona Fashion framework. In 2016, the trends portal WGSN includes it in its 'brands to watch' section, and in 2018 it was shortlisted for WHO'S ON NEXT by Vogue Spain. While believing from the onset in the importance of joining synergies, Pablo Erroz also actively works with other national and international brands.
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Under the nostalgia of the late 80s, early 90s, “Up to you” was born. When the small and large screen raised without complexes how beautiful it was to live. Just like music and pop culture did in general, which distilled an innocence ignoring the tragedies of wars and imposed a mood as profitable as exaggerated. The equation of that addictive and superlative farce that was underpinned by the United States as a platform and adolescents as a speaker. The yuppies, protagonists of this collection, with an excessive ambition in full bloom, allow themselves to dream that the world you want and long for may be yours. “Up to you” returns to the era that consecrated the phenomenon of fans and idols, thus reviving the whole group, that which we probably know today as “multitaskers”. Moreover, from that idea of freedom, of breaking rules and crossing borders, “Up to you” gathers winter and summer under the concept of the same collection. Committed to collections that last longer in time, with a full year of life and which can bring together under the same umbrella and season markets as opposed as tropical or Nordic regions. The commitment to a timeless fashion, leaving behind the constant premise of SEASONLESS, INDIVIDUALISTIC AND GENDERLESS QUALITY CLOTHING MADE IN SPAIN FOR MULTITASKING WORLD CITIZENS. Relaxed silhouettes of a diluted gender (because it’s up to you), oversizes and with details that are characteristic of the traditional male wardrobe give shape to the most subtle part of the collection, combined with an explosion of colour reflected through different print mixtures, with emotional touches of an eternal summer mood and a free way of living. Frayed, prints on paillettes, nappas, cottons and viscose make up the main axis of fabrics, accompanied by a mixture of shades, among which yellow, browns, blacks, off whites and subtle points of water greens predominate, giving life to high winter garments, as well as those clothes dreamed of during the summer holidays.

Designer: Pablo Erroz
Commercial brand: Pablo Erroz
T. +34 630 024 753
Mail: [email protected]
@pabloerroz #pabloerroz