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Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
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Rubén Galarreta is a high-end fashion brand featuring a perfect balance between haute couture and sportswear based on vibrant prints, transparent fabrics, hand-embroidered pieces and unique accessories. Thus, combining an informal style and elaborate garments and a unique range of accessories that have become its hallmark. The brand reflects the Riojan designer’s experiences, who, after studying fashion design in Madrid, worked in India with several international labels. Galarreta offers different lines: Essentials, the most minimalist; Accessories, made up of harnesses and bags; Beachwear; Underwear; and its most exclusive collection, Runway. The brand can be found in stores all over Europe, the US, Asia and Oceania. Designer Rubén Galarreta turns informal clothing silhouettes into haute couture creations that reinvent the concept of modern luxury clothing. The brand was launched in 2014 with its first sportswear collection, which is defined by the extravagance of its designs and its informal silhouettes, which aroused the interest of stylists and boutiques from its very first collection. National and international celebrities include in their wardrobe garments from the different designer collections: Paris Hilton, Maya Diab, Kate Rayan, Haifa Wehbe, Conchita Wurst, Pilar Rubio, Lola Índigo or Mala Rodríguez are just some of them. Rubén Galarreta is a brand which continues to innovate and offers a unique collection of designs for everyday life. From casual clothes to haute couture creations, the team works together during the creative and development process by verifying all production steps, from adjustment to finishing, so all creations are developed with the utmost care.


The international fashion brand Rubén Galarreta features the Afterparty collection, the most exclusive brand line. A collection that is not limited to a physical place or a specific and constant element, a new line that is inspired by the reality of the best international festivals in the main world capitals. The new collection, aimed at a modern and detail-oriented audience, consists of more than 40 looks, in which overlapping garments and a style mix stand out. A wardrobe that allows any travelling city dweller to leave home with a perfect look in order to go to work and then end up at a unique party in any corner of the world.

Designer: Ruben García Galarreta
Commercial brand: Ruben Galarreta
Mail: [email protected]