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Isabel Esteve is the current design director of the Sita Murt company, a position she took on after Sita’s death in 2014. Graduated from ADE, her professional career is closely linked to design. From a very young age, she accompanied her mother, Sita Murt, as she travelled all over the world, seeking new ideas and inspiration. Her growing interest in fashion led her to study at EATM (Fashion Arts and Techniques School) and began a new era researching design techniques, materials, forms ... In 2000 she joined the design department, run by Sita Murt.

COLLECTION - Uncommon attitude

Winter 2019_20 by sita murt/ features as a great reference the aura given off by many women dedicated to art disciplines, which was definitively a masculine world; what attracts us most about them is their Uncommon attitude. As we gradually enter their lives, we realise the strength they had and showed. A 100% feminine vision and expression, which is expressed in a different way without ever losing any delicacy and intuition, while showing a strong personality. It is precisely then that we pull the thread and weave a story full of optimism in terms of colour, where classics are taken out of context with a vibrant palette and where the most natural and apparently masculine materials are crafted by highly feminine patterns and volumes. We freely express ourselves to the point and try to draw a message: personality and character in homage to all those women who paved the way for us.

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