Wednesday, 29 January, 2014 - 10:00

El Born Centre Cultural
Plaça Comercial, 12

Timeless, is the proposal of the Government of Catalonia, through the Consortium of Trade, Crafts and Fashion to showcase the personality and quality that craftsmanship contributes to the fashion industry. An offering of not only an excellent standard because of the raw materials, craftsmanship, sensitivity and uniqueness  but also because of its timeless character , which gives it immeasurable added value and endless possibilities.

With this event, through the craftsmanship workshops held by Natalie Capell, Nina Pawlowsky and Meles Must, we expose and defend the time spent on the excellence   of craftsmanship relative to attire, well exploited by the great haute couture houses, which lives side by side with, inspires and complements the various ephemeral seasonal trends.


Natalie Capell

In her atelier she creates couture pieces that live outside of time, timeless collections that never go out of style, never lose their relevance and demonstrate the value ​​of knowledge acquired over years.
Natalie Capell won the 15th National Crafts Award for the handmade embroidery used in a unique technique that unites new fabrics and antique ornaments, dyed manually to create delicate and feminine dresses.

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Nina Pawlowsky

Nina Pawlowsky creates hats and headdress, and with them a tradition whose proposals of new solutions as to personality in dress are on the increase. A hat highlights the features of the person wearing it, framing their face, emphasizing their style.

Her training as a set and costume designer often gives a theatrical air to her pieces although she still strives for clean lines and avoids the obvious solutions and overloading her pieces.

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Meles Must

Specializing in the design of embroidery and lace Meles Must is one of the few designers who collaborate internationally with the most prestigious haute couture brands in the world. Her creations are a good example of the fusion of traditional arts and crafts with the world of fashion.
Each hand drawn creation from the study of Meles Must is a work of art inspired by all the artistic elements and aesthetic forms in our history of art. The lace, once woven, becomes a textile jewel that brings feeling and beauty to the collections of the most prestigious international designers: Valentino, Dolce&Gabbana, La Perla, and Elie Saab.... Definitely a good example of and a benchmark for Catalan design quality.

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" A tradition was once an innovation which was so good in its day that it persists"