10:30 – 20:30 / 080 Fashion Market

Monday, 30 January, 2017 - 10:30

Open Area

Once more, 080 Barcelona Fashion will house the Fashion Market. More than twenty ephemeral stores (pop-ups) selling fashion and accessories will be set up at the TNC during fashion week. The Fashion Market will be open to runway attendants and the general public alike, who can browse and buy designer items.

Firms present in the Fashion Market: Alèxia Grustan; ESMUSSEIN; GEMMA LOPEZ BARCELONA; Grey Sunglasses; HABIT by Miquel Marbellà; INTO; LTS ARTE; MIKIMONO; OC&CO; PJ BARCELONA; TARANTA; UIA Inspirational Jewelry; XTELLAR; Roser Martínez_Creative Jewelry; Soul Lady Barcelona and VSB Barcelona Jewels. At this Edition, a number of designers and brands parading at 080 will also set up their own pop ups in the Fashion Market like Pilar del Campo, Aubergin, Blame, Daniel Rosa, Anel Yaos and Oscarleon.

The fashion schools also have their place in this year's 080 Fashion Place. Nine design and fashion schools in Catalonia present a selection of final projects of the past school year at the Open Area of the event.