Wednesday, 1 February, 2017 - 11:00

Plaça de les Arts, 1
08013 Barcelona


The human being is a complex animal, and this complexity is often reflected in pleasure and sex, giving rise to strange sexual behavior.

These are known as paraphilias, and are characterized by the fact that the source of pleasure resides in atypical situations, activities or individuals. They can be depraved and even perverse.


The autumn / winter 2017/18 collection takes as its main source of inspiration the paraphilia odaxelagnia, which consists of the practice of biting or being bitten during intercourse to induce pleasure. This paraphilia can be classified within the lighter levels of sadomasochism.


When biting, different skin damage can occur; from bleeding wounds to lighter bruises, which leave a very varied color range, from red, purple, lilac, blue, to even green and yellow tones; tones that we can see from the formation of the wound or bruise until its subsequent healing; and that we see reflected throughout the whole collection.


On the other hand, the variety of paraphilias gives rise to a large number of garments in the collection, some of them used in unusual ways, evoking that sexual game, and the strange behavior of individuals with their partners or larger groups of people they are in relationships with.


Translating these behaviors to the design, many compositions of garments, asymmetrical looks and garments like sweaters that serve as dresses or skirts are observed; shirts with different sleeves, and more garments used in ways that deviate from the norm of what we would consider “normal” clothing.


What predominates in the collection is the use of wool garments, jeans and complex mixtures of fabrics and prints, which makes the appearance of more complicated garments, reflecting the psychological dimension expressed in paraphilias, and also ripped or frayed garments, alluding to the wildest part within some people.


As a sign brand identity, we observe garments which are “different”, and striking compositions that differ from the norm and immediately attract the attention. As could not be otherwise, the collection, despite producing a strong visual impact, has an obvious romantic and fragile side, which in a way can play with the viewer, leading to confusion.


Designer: Juan Manuel Morilla Palacios

Commercial brand: Anel Yaos

Responsable Comercial: Juan Manuel Morilla Palacios

address: C/Tilo Nº13 Bormujos

41930 Sevilla

T. +34 616 837 150


Mail: [email protected]