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Cóndor / CND by Cóndor is a children’s hosiery and fashion brand committed to children’s wellbeing and comfort. Founded in 1898 near Barcelona from where it still creates and manufactures its fashion collections for newborn to 12 year old, it is now a multinational with distribution in more than 30 countries through own stores, franchises, department stores and middle to high end multi-brand stores. Their main markets are: EU, USA, China, Central and South America, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

An elegant and traditional brand, well known for its quality and knowhow, Cóndor is authentic, responsible and trust inspiring. Comfortable collections, made mainly out of carefully finished natural materials, are the symbol of elegance, refinement, sophistication and freshness.

Elegant and exclusive designs with simple lines and loads of character presented in a universe of colors.



F/W 2017

Inspired by art ... Pop-Art, art nouveau, naïve art, graffiti, abstract and impressionism.

By Pop-Art because it was an important artistic movement of the 20th century, characterized by the use of images from popular culture, and here we have taken inspiration from Roy Lichtenstein because we are crazy about him.

By the art nouveau of the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century where we see refreshing new trends in literature, theater, architecture and fine arts, and we admire Gustav Klimt’s forms and colors.

By the naïve art that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, representing reality by simulating the ingenuity of children's sensitivity and in the use of bright colors. Our vision is Henri Rousseau’s.

By the graffiti that began in the 60s in New York, and then, executed by the hand of Keith Haring who we are passionate about.

By abstract art because it excludes the concrete and veers away from the external aspects of reality and for that reason we allow our imaginations free reign with Mondrian and Kandinsky.

By impressionism because we can reproduce nature subjectively and personally; we dream about the landscapes of Claude Monet!!!!

“Art Gallery” is our collection with simple lines and natural, elegant fabrics and comfortable easy to wear shapes.

Warm autumn colors and dry winter hues that invite you to combine them with our classic colors in a harmony that will set you dreaming.

Designs that are works of art and that our brushes have created for the girls and boys who are our muses!!!


Commercial brand: CONDOR / CND Barcelona

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