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Plaça de les Arts, 1
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Justicia Ruano is a company created in Barcelona in 2009. With an extensive background in the world of design –working for big name labels–, the creative director Justicia Ruano wanted to reinvent contemporary luxury and femininity from her particular perspective and vision. The painstaking selection of all the materials, fabrics, patterns and the care taken along the entire process of the creation of each garment make Juticia Ruano a label where quality and attention to detail are very much part of the brand identity.

The design of each piece reflects different ways of looking at women’s fashion at each stage, creating collections that withstand the test of time.



L’ art de vivre, in French means the knowledge and ability of a person to adapt their behavior to the habits and customs of other countries or cultures. In other languages: the ability to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Happiness and pleasure as the intrinsic motivation of all human existence. Act so that the positive outweighs the negative and that will benefit the largest number of people in the world.

Mix ideas, memories, dreams and longings through art and clothing.

Humor, fantasy and beauty set the tone of a collection which seeks only to praise the aura of an intergalactic heroine.

Opulence and subtlety together in a collection of contrasts.

Weight and airiness, flexibility and rigidity, harmonious coexistence.

Gold and silver impart a note of joy and richness to the garments. Pink and water green are the dominant colors. A soft and sophisticated color palette with emerald and wine red splashes.

The collection is dedicated to a pure rebellious woman whose dualism is both her strong point and her seductiveness.


Designer: Justicia Ruano

Commercial brand: JUSTICIA RUANO

T. +34 933 078 130

Web: www.justiciaruano.com

Mail: [email protected]