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Valencian designer born in Xativa. He studied fashion design at the Barreira School of Arts and Trades and later law at the Jaume I University in Castellon and a master’s in Business Administration and Management at the Lluis Vives Business School. He has always been linked to the fashion industry. He soon started participating in the family business, which is dedicated to making communion outfits, until he came out with his own line of prêt-à-porter as well as a line which includes Groom, Bride, Communion, Cocktail dress and a wide range of accessories. On july 2016, Miquel Suay won the Best Collection Award at 080 Barcelona Fashion week for his prêt-à-porter Spring Summer'17 collection, called “Cinetic”.


COLLECTION - 23º 51' 19''

From ancient times, the human being has looked towards the sky, has questioned the limits of the universe and, by extension, also his own. How far does the cosmos reach? How far can humanity go?
From Hypatia of Alexandria to John Glenn, from Galileo to the imminent space tourists, men and women of all ages have pursued the same romantic dream: grasp and conquer infinite space.
The immensity is mathematical and resounding, seemingly inapprehensible from this small and imperfect planet, which rotates inclined a few degrees with respect to the orbit of the sun ... 23º 51 '19' '
Despite this atavistic and determinant error, man still clings to one certainty: the sky is the limit. Miquel Suay takes this science fiction humanism as a starting point for his Fall Winter 2017/18 collection.
23º 51 '19' 'is an avant-garde proposal that, like knowledge, emanates from the classical.
The designs, whose oversize volumes seem to defy gravity, play to wrap and hug the silhouette of a nostalgic man of the future.
The outer garments have inverted pleats, zippers, closures, velcro and automatic buttons, which show and hide interiors and metallic linings.
The high-waisted trousers, the three-dimensional maxi-pockets and the padded surfaces define the techno-romantic silhouette of the Miquel Suay man.
Wool and velvet are the textures that refer to the earthly dimension of this collection. The technical and metallized fabrics demonstrate their technological inspiration.
The mottled blacks -like nebulae- and midnight blue, dominate designs that are accentuated with notes of klein blue, touches of fluorine yellow, metallic flashes and a pristine astronaut white.

Designer: Miquel Suay
Commercial brand: Miquel Suay
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