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Miriam Ponsa graduated with an associate’s degree in fashion design from the University of Southampton (UK) and specialized in Knitwear Techniques and Design in Igualada. Miriam Ponsa designs all the collections in her workshop in Manresa and the garments are produced in workshops in Catalonia. Values like endeavor, team work and authenticity are important to her as well as the recuperation of handicraft techniques and they all form part of her manifesto. Her collections have received numerous accolades; the latest the award for the best collection for her collection “Mule Women” at the last edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion spring/summer 2015/2016, awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia.



AW 17-18

A crossroads, located in southeastern Europe, between the Adriatic and the Black Sea, the Balkans, under the umbrella of a variety of cultures, ethnicities and religions, has suffered countless demonstrations, conflicts and confrontations.

This collection pays homage to all these people, and people living in a very modest way waiting -until now- for a better future, which has been radically transformed by the arrival of the wave of immigration.

The history of human rights dims, the (non) life, closing borders, the blind eyes, the deaf ears and the human blockade.

Balkan traditional clothing inspires oversize rounded shapes. The pattern comes from overlapping layers and freedom of movement forming large parts, which do not restrict or hug the body.

The application of ribbon and braid has a strong presence in this collection, as well as intensive research on the technique of felted mixed wool and silk.

The fabric itself -with the felted technique- creates a “landscape” as nature does and creates new fabrics in the process.

Wool, strongly present in the collection, is woven on a handloom and wool yarn is mixed in forming artistic compositions.

The felted wool hats are inspired by traditional male Albanian headwear.

The fabrics are mostly natural: cotton, wool, silk.

Predominantly black and shades of gray.


Designer: Miriam Ponsa

Commercial brand: Miriam Ponsa

T. +34 93 872 17 58

Web: www.miriamponsa.com

Mail: [email protected]