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TORRAS, founded in 1951, has created an innovative concept of fashion in leather and knitwear. The brand designs to seduce in their unique style, beyond basic pieces of clothing, a way of understanding fashion that incorporates materials of the highest quality in leather, cotton, silk, linen, wool, cashmere and functional fabrics. The TORRAS collections, created in Caldes de Montbui, are now present in top stores in 40 countries, in cities like Barcelona, New York, London, Moscow and Shanghai. TORRAS exports 70% of its production, has showrooms in Milan and New York, and participates in major international fashion fairs.


COLLECTION - kleeTopia

Torras’ FW 17/18 collection represents the union of the concept of utopia with the art of Paul Klee.

The term "utopia" comes from the idea of an imaginary island where a perfect society was established. Klee was a Swiss artist and representative of a transcendental style in which the material world is only one of the many realms apprehendable to consciousness.

And as art is does not reproduce reality but to makes it visible, Torras has created a collection inspired by Klee, seeking the expression of his essence and the perfection of his works, looking for the perfect balance between design and style, always in keeping with the TORRAS style, instantly recognizable and unique.

If we add the sensitivity in the use of leathers, the combination of different noble materials that characterize the firm and the use of color, we find an optimistic lively and vital collection.

Commercial brand: TORRAS

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