Wednesday, 1 February, 2017 - 17:30

Plaça de les Arts, 1
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Members of the fourth generation of the furriers la Sibèria founded in 1891. Trained economists and furriers by profession, since their youth they have been learning the fur trade in the workshops at home under the tutelage of their parents and the rest of the team of professional technicians. With deep knowledge of the different finishing processes and treatments of furs, they have always combined well done work, almost craftsmanship, with innovation and design. Among the tasks they carry out are the design, the choosing of materials and finishes and production control.



We continue, this time on a journey inspired by music. It inspires us, it moves us, it makes us sensitive, it transforms us. Music is always present in our lives, while we are enjoying ourselves, while working and as an aid to meditation. We improvise it, listen to it and dance to it, like music, our collection seeks beauty as a way of expressing emotions. Expressed through a combination of furs, different fur lengths, textures and color, according to the laws of harmony and rhythm. Harmonic pieces in serene contrasts, combining different materials in the same chromatic range and others more strident, more rhythmic, more disruptive, contrasting colors and asserting courageously.


Designers: Victòria Espar Almeda/ Marc Espar Figueras

Commercial brand: VM la Sibèria

T. +34 933 170 583


Web www.pelleterialasiberia.com

Mail [email protected]