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José Maria García González (ZE owner, founder and current designer)

His passion for the world of art and fashion has been alive throughout his entire life.  When he was younger, he used to sell paintings using different painting techniques and exhibited in own his city.

After finishing his artistic studies, he entered the School of Arts and Fashion Techniques in the Ramon Llull University in Barcelona and graduated with an Honours qualification. At a later stage,  he took several courses in the Design School in that same university.

So at the age of 23 only he was already working in Jose Castro’s studio as a shop assistant and afterwards in brands such as Dicktons, Desigual and Escada, and was also fashion consultant for Karen Millen, just to name a few.

Recently, right before starting the Ze Project, Garcia worked as a fashion stylist and visual merchandiser for the Emporio Armani group.

 Ze Garcia is

A classic, elegant, exclusive fashion brand.

A concept that aims at reviving the modus operandi of the early 20th Century great Designers, with more handycrafted and customized clothing.

Ze wishes to serve each and every client in a unique and exclusive way not only in terms of the end product but rather by providing a whole brand experience.

The workshop is located in the city of Barcelona so our final products are perfectly manufactured and refined by the hands of our skilled seamstresses that have a long fashion career and a genuine passion for crafts.

All in all, we thrive to advise and be helpful so that the day you wear a Ze garment, not only you will be told ‘what a pretty dress you have’ but, what is more, ‘you look so beautiful!’.


This collection arises from the idea of ​​expressing the individualism which characterizes the way we work each garment, molding special volume with a personality of its own, within the concept and lines that we usually work in the atelier, but exaggerating them, giving them a more Baroque air for the catwalk.

We play with geometry and optical effects that a piece can generate in the distance. A custom acquired from the foundations of the firm when we made dance competition and rhythmic gymnastics costumes.

The provocation of mixing different opposing fabrics using the techniques of moulage and flat pattern.

Long lines and draped lines combine with stunning sleeves and narrow waists. Skirts with volume, transparencies and sparkle that take us to a glamorous night where the woman immediately stands out.

The color range, among other things, is what gives the collection its name: dualism par excellence between two colors from the point of inception, combined with the total absence of color.


Designer: José María García González

Commercial brand: ZeGarcia

Tel . +34 615 029 481


Web: www.zegarcia.com

Mail: [email protected]