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Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
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Brain&Beast was born in Barcelona in 2010 at the hands of Ángel Vilda. His garments are proposed as games, puzzles, apparently structurally simple hieroglyphics which correspond to complex equations in which color and material form parts of codes in which nothing is random. Brain&Beast proposes mixing garments which combine emotion and reason, with a very strong influence from contemporary culture without leaving out oodles of sophistication and a serious sense of humor.

COLLECTION -   Trilogy, Vol. III / ECLIPSE /
Sigmund Freud published his work Über Deckerinnerungen in 1899. It introduced for the first time the concept "concealing memory", linked in turn to the problems concerning the mode of operation of the memory and its distortions, the importance and raison d’ être of fantasies, the amnesia regarding the first years of life, and, behind all this, infant sexuality.
In essence, these types of memories, transcendent or not, hide what is truly important. In a way, they would constitute "mistaken memories" that eclipse another reality, relegating to oblivion what can be dangerous or compromising. However, it is demonstrable that forgetting does not exist, it is simply a hard disk that is not found but that, for sure, is stored somewhere, since the "forgotten" is so intense that, in some way, it disturbs ...
In this way, those mundane memories (?) are related to those that truly leave their mark, with emotion and mystery, like that experienced while awaiting an eclipse: reality hides the hidden reality and this second, inevitably, emerges ... firstly damaging but finally healing. This package of lost memories has been found and, in connection with those others that have acted as a screen, have managed to structure the argument of the chapters of a story that were disconnected.
Eclipse closes this series of three, in which the designer has dived to the bottom of his own memory to clean up the sediment and transform the murky into crystalline. / Trilogy / (Playback, Vol. I / about helplessness; Labyrinth, Vol. II / on melancholy and loss) concludes as a cathartic experience that flows from darkness to light, opening up to an uncertain but calm future, after the storm.

Designer: Ángel Vilda
Commercial brand: BRAIN & BEAST
Sales manager: Ezequiel Carril [email protected]
T. +0034 687 874 746 / 0034 687 874 749
Mail [email protected]