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The fascination of Carmen Monforte about fashion began at an early age in her home city. At 20, a textile manufacturer noticed her and encouraged her to launch a career in fashion. It was then that she studied patternmaking, draping and design. In 2006, ES Collection offered her the opportunity to head up a much more ambitious project: develop a line of underwear and swimwear for men. ES Collection’s goal was to transform the concept of men’s intimate apparel by innovating in style, textures and fabrics and paying careful attention to detail in the finishing and to the added value of each garment.

Since the beginning, more than 11 years ago, this goal has been done year after year and the collections have been expanded with athletic and casual lines of clothing ... Every season is a new challenge for her and her team, and today she is proud to say that ES Collection is one of the leading brands in the sector.


ES Collection will present their collection of underwear and sportswear for F / W 18-19
Concept and context of our collection
Dystopia posits a world in which the contradiction inherent in ideological discourse is taken to its most extreme expression. In this sense, dystopia explores our current reality with the intention of anticipating how certain methods of controlling society could lead to unjust and cruel systems

Hence, dystopia and our use of it, attempts to warn of the potential dangers of the ideologies, practices and behaviors on which our current societies are built: rampant capitalism, state control, consumerism, dependence on technology and runaway pollution.

Features of the collection

The main feature of the collection is the interplay of contrasting volumes among all the different garments.

On the other hand, we also play with the contrast in the textures of fabrics so you will find synthetic fabrics combined with wool, leather, cotton. The objective is to achieve a varied, sophisticated, warm and above all comfortable garment.

As for the use of colors, we will combine cold colors like steels, silvers and blue with a warm color that will contrast strongly with the rest: red.

Red symbolizes power, action, a color that is associated with vitality, ambition and passion. Red also reflects self-confidence, courage, bravery and an optimistic attitude towards life. Success, triumph, war, blood, strength. It is the ideal color to fight in in our dystopian world


Underwear: Modal, premium cotton, viscose, soft, highly adaptable comfortable fabrics, different weights to play with volumes and textures

We apply our R & D in the molding of fabrics with heat, thus avoiding the need for seams and giving volume to the different shapes.

Sports: Great attention is given to the combination of technical materials in order to achieve the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetics.
Cottons, synthetic blends, laminates / membranes that provide a much more comfortable garment interior and a more technical exterior.
For women, we continue to work on the design of technical garments, offering a wide range of everyday garments framed within the ATHLEISURE trend.


Within the dystopian context in which our story takes place. The styling will be inspired by the great dystopias of the big screen: like MadMax, Blade Runner, Waterworld ... Also by stories from the small screen in terms of style, with such trendsetting series like the The Handmaid's Tale. All of this FUSION will always be faithful to the foundations of the great reference dystopian works like BRAVE NEW WORLD and 1984.

In the outfits we present, you will see combinations of our star garments, such as underwear and sports, with large padded pieces, backpacks, rubber boots and leather accessories. We will use large metal parts, leathers and plastics to protect us from the inclemency of the meteorological phenomena caused by climate change.

The result will be a post-apocalyptic survival style that will combine key garments in our collections with sophisticated and comfortable technical garments for daily use.

Designer: Carmen Monforte Conde
Commercial brand: ES COLLECTION
Adress: Josep Pla, 163 4ª planta
08020 Barcelona
T. +34  93 309 11 85
Mail: [email protected]
Twitter @escollectionofficial