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Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
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Born in Xàtiva (Valencia), Miquel Suay represents the second generation of a family linked to the world of fashion for more than 40 years. His parents, Angel and Paquita, founded the company in 1980 and during its initial stages, they focused on the design and confection of communion dresses. Miquel trained as a fashion designer at the Barreira School of Arts and Crafts. He also studied Law at the Universitat Jaume I in Castelló and did a master’s in Business Administration at the Lluís Vives Business School.

COLLECTION -   Miquel Suay A/W 18/19
Miquel Suay will present a sophisticated collection, especially noticeable in shirts, jackets and suits made to the highest tailoring standards with a strong taste for Italian style. A collection aimed at an avant-garde man who appreciates the details furnished by the classic, a man who is distinguished in his elegance and in his attention to the details of excellence, a man who seeks quality in design, confection and fabrics.

In the new collection, sources of inspiration are sought from two elements that have excited and fascinated him personally and that find their meeting point in the artistic beauty which drives Miquel Suay’s spirit above all. Combine the baroque with the concept of the instinctive abstract.

Considered the 'Sistine Chapel of Valencia', the Church of San Nicolás de Bari and San Pedro Mártir is the best example of coexistence in a building of Gothic structure of the fifteenth century with spectacular baroque decoration of the seventeenth century. Restored in 2016, its opulent decorations are part of the inspiration for this new fall / winter collection. However, it is not the only base on which these garments are creatively supported; the Baroque style of the Church is complemented by the abstract works of the American painter Robert Motherwell.

Motherwell, a leading figure in abstract expressionism, considered improvisation to be the only way to reach pure abstraction.

The intention in mixing these two artistic disciplines is to strategically combine the powerful expressionist forms of Motherwell with the minute perfectionistic details of the baroque decoration of the Church of San Nicolás, all on a sartorial basis with patterns typical of superlative Italian tailoring.

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