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Miriam Ponsa graduated with an associate’s degree in fashion design from the University of Southampton (UK) and specialized in Knitwear Techniques and Design in Igualada. Miriam Ponsa designs all the collections in her workshop in Manresa and the garments are produced in workshops in Catalonia. Values like endeavor, team work and authenticity are important to her as well as the recuperation of handicraft techniques and they all form part of her manifesto. Her collections have received numerous accolades; the latest the award for the best collection for her collection “Mule Women” at the last edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion spring/summer 2015/2016, awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia.


The Salt March

Fashion is not just a question of aesthetics, it is mainly a consequence of the socio-political situation it arises within. As an artist, I am perturbed by the reality that surrounds me and I feel the need to capture the peaceful struggle for our people’s right to decide.
The Salt March was a 300-km long march led by Mahatma Gandhi between April and March 1930, culminating in the symbolic gesture of taking a handful of salt from the Indian Ocean. A peaceful protest against the salt-production tax with the ultimate goal of achieving independence for India.
This demonstration has become a reference for many other symbolic protests that have forged political and social changes through peaceful resistance and serve as inspiration for this collection.
The collection is aware of the importance of tradition in Indian clothing and reinterprets typical garments such as the sari, dhoti and kurta. Textures are played with to give richness to the weave.
The importance of clothing for prayer and worship is reflected with respect in the shape and quality of the fabric.
The patterning suggests oversize forms and reinvents itself to give way to a collection that is not afraid to express itself, or investigate the new.

Designer: Miriam Ponsa
Commercial brand: Miriam Ponsa

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