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Sweet Matitos was born from the dream and lifestyle of a couple, Matías Jaramillo and Tito Maristany. Two young but experienced entrepreneurs involved in different sectors of fashion whose passion for fashion, for elegance and beauty led them to create their own brand for women.

Their knowledge of the world of fashion and Matías’ and Tito’s  (a.k.a  Matitos) love for life, family, nature and work is reflected in every detail of the birth of the collection and the Sweet Matitos woman.
Sweet Matitos represents a woman with class, authentic, feminine, sensitive, free and a luxury lover in its broadest possible meaning.

Winter arrives softly and sweetly, bringing shorter days and colder nights. As is tradition, the winter ball season starts and each one is more spectacular than the last. The same as every year, our lady moves back to her country house where she makes preparations for the New Year’s ball that will light up the magnificent rooms of the family home once again.
Great Forest
The days are shorter and colder, and the autumn light turns the forests into a great swathe of oranges, reds and yellows. The tree trunks reveal themselves, and the falling leaves turn into feathers as they touch our protagonist, a sophisticated elegant woman who strolls in the midst of this beautiful setting.
Winter Garden
She is passionate about nature and, when the snow leaves her garden lying dormant, she likes to make nature part of her everyday life with a winter garden. The windows of an age-old greenhouse let sunlight pour on the plants and flowers, positioned on stunning patterned floors. Here she will display the bold winter flowers on cloth and herringbone fabric to create a characteristic romantic ambience.  
Tea Room
Inside the house, she finds shelter, peace and tranquillity in the traditional elements of a winter day. On a comfortable sofa in the snuggest room, she sips a cup of tea and enjoys the heat of a warm open fire. Outside the night starts to cast a black and silver spell while inside she awaits the starry evening, elegant and self-possessed.
Silver Night
Night falls, casting its black and silver spell, and the stars sparkle like frosted diamonds on a great black canvas. The halls light up once again to signal the start of the grand ball. She is ready for the night to envelop her in its starry silks and to make her shine, when the texture of the crisp snow together with the grey, black and silver tones of the magical evening will reveal themselves as the real stars of the show.

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