Punto Blanco

Punto Blanco
Friday, 12 July, 2013 - 13:30

DHUB - Catwalk spot

PUNTO BLANCO, styling by Jan iú més



Punto Blanco has been making up-market socks since 1948 and has been present in the international market since 1953.
Punto Blanco Underwear was created in 1996 with the aim of satisfying the need to incorporate the element of fashion into underwear. Manufactured with top quality raw materials, underwear has evolved from a forgotten commodity into a product which answers to the demand for patterning and design, becoming the main actor in the world of fashion that it is nowadays.
Market leaders in the world of socks, we offer a specialized product for each situation, with top quality materials and the latest technology to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users.

Collection - Culture Mix

The interaction of the different global cultures is becoming more and more multi-dimensional and its influence through the coexistence of the diverse elements, forms part of our collection and identity. We interconnect and link, crossing frontiers and the resulting complexity and fusion makes for a happier world. As if it were a collage; all the different elements together create a union.


Brand: Punto Blanco
Address: Av. Balmes, 16
08700 Igualada, Barcelona
Phone number: 938035252
Fax: 938044362



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