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Brain&Beast was born in 2010; Founded by Ángel Vilda, who previously managed his own brand, César Olivar, with an extensive background in costume design, and Verónica Raposo, designer and former student of Ángel and César, who both held teaching positions in fashion design.


This collection reflects on games, riddles, hieroglyphics of apparent structural simplicity, that respond to complex geometrical equations in which color and materials form parts of codes where nothing is random.


Brain&Beast is presenting garments that combine emotion and reason, with a strong influence of contemporary culture, as well as a large dose of sophistication and a sense of humor.


COLLECTION - - Décalogue , Part VIII . < MISFIT > -

Being different , accept the mistake , dressing in the dark ... The term "underground" was first used in the nineteenth century to refer to the movements which were demonstrating resistance to repressive regimes on the fringes of public life.


However, its use as an adjective applied to a "subculture" to refer to the resistance movements during the Second World War, dates from 1953. Members and / or architects of this deviant culture generally were and are people outside the established canons, unsuited to a system that is hostile to them both aesthetically and in intent. This "anti-bourgeois" rebellion, in many cases, manifests itself in the random, casual or incorrect; challenges the boundaries of taste and makes moral deficiencies - virtues and defects- style features.


< MISFIT > is a deeply unconventional exclamation , eager for freedom and change; an exercise in self-acceptance and integration of different sources of interference that do not necessarily fit and also a statement of principles for the fun aspect of life , understanding that through humor one reaches the liberation of thought .


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Brand responsible: Ángel Vilda // César Olivar // Verónica Raposo
Sales Manager: César Olivar // Verónica Raposo
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