Guillem Rodríguez

Guillem Rodríguez
Tuesday, 1 July, 2014 - 11:00

Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
C. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
08025 Barcelona


Guillem Rodríguez was born and raised in Barcelona, ​​in a privileged environment given his predilection for the arts, leading to him to an early discovery of his passion: fashion. This has allowed him to create, since he was a child, a universe of inspiration, and the resulting images are very present in his creations.


 In 2009 he began studying fashion design at BAU, where he developed his full artistic potential as a designer and where he devised his first collection, “Romantycs”, earning the ModaFAD award for best designer, and the opportunity to present his work again.


 In January 2014, he presented his second collection, “Vulnerable”, at 080 Barcelona Fashion , taking a 180 degree turn on his previous collection , and showing great ability to add new perspective to his creations.


Three months later, in April , he was named best young designer from Spain at the  ANDE awards, thus confirming his attendance at the show Who’s next,  in Paris.


During the course of his professional development, Guillem has found his own language in design, his garments being recognizable for the great care taken in the selection of fabrics, and the androgynous spirit of his collections. He is currently designing his third collection, called “Manifesto”.



(from Latin. manifestus)
Noun. A public declaration of policy and aims, often of an artistic nature.


Guillem Rodriguez presents “Manifesto”, a collection he uses as a means of expression, this time influenced by abstraction in art.


To achieve this he applies abstraction at all levels, creating ambiguous garments made ​​from technical fabrics, with silhouettes and prints heavily influenced by abstract art itself, and the predominant use of color, rhythm and gesture ( the tools of art itself ) to communicate.


The color palette used ranges from off-white and stone tones that provide light, and the sober black, complemented by ink blue, ocean and sky tones and mustard and acid yellow.


In this way, he aims to define a proposal that, once again, lends the man a new sense of vitality, freshness, strength and elegance.


For this “Manifesto”, Guillem has had collaboration from the hand of the artist Alba Rihe. Together they have projected the influence of abstract art onto “Manifesto”, developing the character of the collection by giving it textures and breathing life into it.


As a result, Guillem offers a forceful collection and, in keeping with his line of  work, the  approach to garments that defines him: high quality fabrics and silhouettes encompassing all the details to express a complete concept.



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