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Friday, 4 July, 2014 - 11:00

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Juanma Granero ( Barcelona, ​​1978 ) is the designer of the firm Juanmabyelcuco first shone at ModaFAD in 2004 , originally as El Cuco , in response to the need to dress a woman with personality.
He began his artistic career in the world of illustration and faced the dilemma of contunuing illustration or focussing on the fashion world, the need to create garments led him to study ifashion design at la Llotja, the School of Art and Design in Barcelona, supplementing with studies in industrial patterning at the Guerrero School, where, through color and texture, he approaches fashion through the applied arts.
Thus Juanma Granero combines his two passions, art and fashion, which are reflected in his work at Juanmabyelcuco.


The bases of his work are the use and reflection of a free and independent spirit, linked to cultures with strong aesthetic contrasts. He reinterprets a refined and elegant woman, combining classical and modern, individual feminine touches and aristocratic refinement. He rescues influences from the past with a strong purpose for the future, through the use of post- modernity, futurism, ethnicity and images of sophistication related to volumes, folds, asymmetry, metal touches all with extreme attention to detail.


A key part of his work is the patterning of the garments and fabrics and prints used, as their designs are based on the volumes created by the female form. Music and photography are two of his hobbies and those aesthetic inspirations are reflected in all his collections.


In 2007 he paraded for the first time as Juanmabyelcuco in Ego Cibeles. From 2009 to 2010 he worked as a fashion designer and stylist for Josep Font. In 2009, again as Juanmabyelcuco , he shows his collection at South Latitude of Cadiz fashion show and was a finalist in 2011 at the Mango Fashion Awards. That same year and in 2012 he paraded at the Valencia Fashion Week. In 2013 ( SS / FW ) and 2014 ( FW ) he is responsible for defining the style and the art direction of the Torras collection for 080 Fashion Week, and in addition with this same firm also has his own collection of  women’s outerwear. Juanma Granero also works as teacher of pattern making and has made outfits for important fashion and trend magazines.


COLLECTION-  Dichotomy

Juanmabyelcuco DICHOTOMY Spring-Summer 2015


A starting point: light and shadow, no middle ground. Garments reflect a dichotomy through geometric and pure forms that bind to organic and sensitive constructions complementary to each other; a balance between volume and simplicity.


Through lines a palette of colors and textures coexist, where the purity of white and the warmth of  burnt yellow overlap, without distancing themselves, Klein blue and dark shades, creating optical illusions through prints.


The collection is built on a framework of the convergence of: the natural and the artificial, warmth and coolness, comfort and attention to detail ... creating synergies between colors, textures and forms that produce sensations that align with the emotions of whoever sees them.



Contact: Juanma Granero 
Adress: Sant Pere Més Alt, 48
Barcelona 08003
Phone number: +34 603 437 305


Web page: www.juanmabyelcuco.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BYELCUCO


Brand manager: Juanma Granero 
Sales manager: Juanma Granero 
E-Mail: [email protected]