Lebor Gabala

Lebor Gabala
Wednesday, 2 July, 2014 - 16:00

Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
C. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
08025 Barcelona


Lebor Gabala is the professional endeavor of Maite Munoz, who learned the trade from pioneers of the fashion industry in this country such as Pedro Morago, Rap Diffusion, or Mila and Tucho Balado, and after some years in Ibiza, where she designed her first fashion collections for Ad Lib, decided it was time to settle in Barcelona and launch a dream.


A lovely sounding name and was her first statement. It is the translation of Leabhar Ghabhála Erenn, a set of Gaelic manuscripts of the eleventh century which recount, with a blend of history, mythology, legends and folklore, the founding of Ireland through the ages. The fantasy of the stories and the fact that Ireland is so closely tied to the wool tradition, made her decide to adopt the phonetic title, which is pronounced Lebor Gabala in Spanish.


Lebor Gabala was born as a collection exclusively of knitwear and gradually silk and cotton fabrics, embroidery and patterned prints were introduced in order to round off a proposal for a total look.


The finest materials are chosen in search of the highest quality. For knitted fabrics, yarns cashmere and silk, cotton and linen, alpaca and superfine Merino wool is selected; for the flat fabrics, silks and velvets, voiles and batiste, linens and cottons.



Situate the Lebor Gabala collection in a garden by the sea. Imagine a range of blue shades that mimic the water and sky. The tones of sand and vegetation. And, as we're in a garden, imagine it is flowering and it fills with retro Japanese inspired flower prints and lush roses in watercolor brushstrokes.


The flowers climb the silk georgette dresses and soft cotton sweaters, juxtaposing the ranges and creating relaxed and fresh silhouettes laden with color and movement. The stained skies, full of storm clouds on a batik print: gathers and drops.


The dresses and tops are retro-inspired, with a firm commitment to the long maxi and ruffled details. There are pajamas, shoestring tops and rayon pants, soft, with fall and an urbanite in sandals character.


The knitwear is oversize, asymmetrical, sometimes short and at others long in the same garment. Finished with care and with higher end materials, T-shirts and plush tops surprise with their finishes and the appliqués and prints that decorate them: waves and more waves rippling on the soft crushed cotton.


And, illuminating everything, the sun.


Contacte: Aída Gascón
Direcció: C/Diputación 37 Local 5A
Barcelona 08015
Telèfon: +34 934 234 374
Fax: +34 932892183


Pàgina Web: www.leborgabala.com


Responsable de la marca: Maite Muñoz Roy
Responsable comercial: Aída Gascón
Correu electrònic: [email protected]