Menchén Tomàs

Menchén Tomàs
Tuesday, 1 July, 2014 - 17:00

Recinte Modernista de l’Hospital de Sant Pau
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08025 Barcelona


Menchén Tomàs.  Olga Ronquillo Menchén and Francesc Grau Tomàs met at the Barcelona School of Arts and Fashion Techniques in 1988. Upon completion of their studies and having gained experience as designers working for other firms in the industry, they founded Menchén Tomàs in 1995. Through ModaFAD, they came into contact with the Saló Gaudi fashion show, where they presented their first collections on the catwalk. From 1995 until 2001, their production is distributed through several outlets throughout Spain and abroad (Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Japan...).


In 1997 they opened their first store in Barcelona and in July 2002, the second in the Born district of the same city. In March 2006 they inaugurated another store in Cuna Street in Seville.


All Menchén Tomàs products are manufactured entirely in Barcelona and surrounding areas to ensure the highest quality finishes and design.


COLLECTION-  The Botanist

The Spring-Summer 2015 collection presented by creators Olga R. Menchén and Francesc Grau Tomàs ( Menchén Tomàs ) proposes a review of the functional forms of floral botany. In the same way that flowers clasp their petals on the calyx generate attractive and sensual forms, the new summer collection investigates the construction of new shapes, silhouettes and volumetric compositions.


The silhouettes of the brand always seek to enhance the female form. Like spring flowers, wearing Menchén Tomàs enhances the beauty of women by unveiling their most sensual and feminine side.


The craftsmanship of the creators combines the search for form with a passion for detail, like embroidery and applications that enrich the garments, making them unique experiences that reflect the contributions of each professional involved in their preparation.


The brand is committed to local high end production, pampering the smallest details. A careful patterning, developed in the workshops themselves (as well as bespoke garments ​​for special occasions), complemented by specialized local manufacturing undertaken by artisans.


The commitment to working closely with local suppliers allows the brand to develop risky garments using braid, frills and flounces and small details. A clear example is found in some skirts and dresses which sport frills of  up to 108 meters long in their finishes.


The work of the creators, with over 18 years of experience, demonstrates in this collection, presented at 080, a high degree of maturity. The brand was initially linked to retail, with outlets in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Zaragoza, but are currently looking at internationalization as a means to grow, underwritten by many years of business experience.


The history of the brand includes parades in the former Gaudí Fashion show, appearance in publications and collaborations with brands nationwide and international sales in countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, Belgium, United States, etc.



Contact: Olga Ronquillo Menchén
Adress: c/ Riera de Sant Miquel 37
Barcelona 08006
Phone number: +34 934 160 571


Web page:
Twitter: @menchentomas


Brand manager: Olga Ronquillo Menchén
Sales manager: Luis Royo
E-Mail: [email protected]