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Rafael de Medina´s aristocratic roots go back to King Alfonso X of Castilla, “The Wise”, and have among their ancestors “The Great Captain”, Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, but now, Rafael´s present situation is linked to the world of fashion and beauty.


The House of Medinaceli, to which Rafael belongs, is native of the crown of Castilla and one of the oldest in Europe. His family owns one of the greatest private patrimonies in Spain. In their hands are La casa de Pilatos in Seville, El Hospital San Juan Bautista in Toledo, La Sacra Capilla del Salvador in Úbeda and Pazo de Oca in A Estrada (Pontevedra).


He is a successful entrepreneur and passionate about fashion and is known to the public for the life style and fashion magazines, has a trendsetting style and is a featured on the on the US edition of the Vanity Fair Best Dress List. He has been Fashion consultant for GQ Spain for the last four years, where he writes a monthly page answering questions about elegance, style and well dressing. Rafael has also a great passion about sports.


Rafael Medina Abascal is the 20th Duke of Feria and the 17th Marquis of Villalba, Great of Spain. He owns the menswear brand “Scalpers” and has recently become father of twins with his wife Laura Vecino.


COLLECTION - Spring - Summer 2015


Contact: Juan de Suñer ([email protected] / P.: 670 263 440)
Adress: Scalpers Flagship Store - C/Velázquez, 47 / Scalpers Barcelona - C/Provença, 249 
Phone numbers: 91 576 01 60 / 93 496 05 32


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Brand manager: Rafael Medina, Borja Vázquez and Alfonso Vivancos
Sales manager: Jaime Puyol
E-mail: [email protected]