Sita Murt

Sita Murt
Tuesday, 1 July, 2014 - 18:30

Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
C. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
08025 Barcelona


Passionate. Active. Curios. Restless. Always creative. This is Sita Murt.


Aware of what is happening around her, every detail can be the source of a new collection. Her inquisitive personality can interpret trends and adapt them to her style.


Her designs are small tributes to the tireless woman who do a thousand things at once and who Sita feels enormous respect for.


Sita Murt has opted to put technology at the service of the imagination. Her designs incorporate details that are the result of many hours of research. Sita believes that anything is possible, and that tenacity, is reflected in each garment, each fabric, each volume.



Bloom, the delicate explosion, is the essence of the collection SS 15.


Silks so light they float. Cleanly structured linens show their essential character both in knitwear and flat weave. Cottons and very fine delicate embroidery that play hide and seek in a mimetic interplay. In knitting, linen threads worked out of context seek structures as subtle as they are unique. A dreamy world.


The colors


A world daubed in plaster white and a grayed pool blue with contrasting pepper-color touches, these are the main colors of this story while the emphasis is provided by a tangerine note as lively as it is powdery.



Contact: Isabel Esteve
Adress: Sor Rita Mercader, 22
08700 Barcelona
Phone number: 938037411
Fax: 938031339


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Facebook: Sita Murt
Twitter: @sitamurt_cat @sita_murt


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Sales manager: Toni Esteve
E-Mail: [email protected]