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Yerse was founded by Louis Generó i Domenech in 1964, and basing its production on knitwear for the whole family , the Yerse brand has focussed on globalizing and changing its business strategy over the last 50 years to come up with a feminine " total look " . Without losing its essence, the knitwear, very present in all collections, has gone intermingling textures and materials to reach the 21st century with a very authentic essence through the prism of vintage style and the urban influence of the great cosmopolitan cities. The resulting collections "casual chic" with subtle and sophisticated details adorning a woman looking for a natural and comfortable style and a cosmopolitan attitude to life: the slow life.


Yerse designs and markets four collections per year, the seasonal Yerse collection (spring and summer / fall- winter), the Yerse collection of accessories for each season, and two flash collections (Super Summer / SpecialEdition). A total of over 300 items sold in over 1,300 retail outlets worldwide



This season we want to find a small sublime instant to escape from the routine. A search for balance, connection with others and with ourselves. A daily moment to enjoy, indulge, let everything flow.
Harmony restores balance, listening to the rhythms of life, opening up a new story with nature, rebuilding basic connections with who and what we are.


A cool and relaxed atmosphere in which to feel good about yourself and the environment is vitally important. Leisure is our inspiration where time passes at a different rate. Outdoor sports to enjoy the moment as it is, encouraging busy people with busy lives to enjoy and let go for a moment.
Apparel with a more elegant touch mix with an urban influence, sports and culture to give off a modern approach to the costumes of summer.
Mix and rejuvenate: that's the motto. The textiles are now modern classic hits, we play with textures and fresh technology to achieve a mix that blends old and new fabrics.


Traditional fabrics, which have a nostalgic note, are redesigned in this collection. Classic fabrics are back but renewed in a modern way. Inspired by tablecloths and holiday hammocks, both stripes and checks are placed in a modern but at the same time leisurely context.
Knitted fabrics both neat and chic inspire informal pique knitwear, while the striped pique mimics the natural feel.


Granulated fabrics and crepes are key qualities while tactility resonates emotionally through reliefs and printed impressions. Simple discrete fabrics, full of details yet distinguished.
Basking in the feeling of weightlessness, the prints take us directly to the ocean, capturing the feeling of pure and peaceful pleasure.


The color takes us on a journey, with sunny, bright and strong colors shining brightly. Ice cream tones and coastal colors come to the surface of the season, with pool blues, corals, soft citric colors and blueberry.
Inspired by the sanctity of nature. Soft and delicate hues act in harmony.
Pastel shades are pivotal, while relaxed tailoring and cotton blends provide a soft side to this sweet summer leisure trend.


Contact: Noemi Arans
Adress: Carretera Terrassa, 263
Sabadell 08205
Phone number: +34 93 745 17 00
Fax: +34 937 451 701


Web page:
Twitter: @YERSE_moda


Brand manager: Pep Generó
Sales manager: Pep Genero
E-Mail: [email protected]