Food Trucks


The Butipà is the butifarra (country sausage) artisanal flat bread sandwich which is all the rage at the moment. The butis are made from 100% premium pork and come in 12 different flavors: Classic, Butibiquini (with cheese), Butipollastre (with chicken), Butipintxo and Butixai (with lamb) among others. You can also taste  the Butibraves: the quintessential and trendiest  Catalonian tapa , and for dessert you have to try TheXurrot : a crunchy deep fried water and flour batter sprinkled with just a little powdered sugar and filled ( should you so choose) with custard, dark chocolate, or hazelnut chocolate. Especially recommended are our sauces which add that special something to your Butipà experience: Allioli(olive oil and garlic), Butipà sauce or the Butibraves sauce (for those looking to spice things up a bit)
LadyButi will be at 080 to serve you all! Bon appétit everyone ;)



Fileteando is a km0 (locally sourced produce) food truck founded on the same philosofy as the restaurant El Filete Ruso (one of the 45 km0 restaurants of Catalonia).
 Filetando’s catering  follows the precepts of the Slow Food movement and our food is mainly organic, seasonal and local.  All meats used in our menus are organic. 


“Artisinal ice cream on wheels”

Gela’t stems from the will to recuperate a traditional trade like that of the wandering ice cream vendor, thereby being able to take our ice creams wherever the wheels of our van, “la Vainilla”, can get to.

The main characteristics that define our ice creams are the quality of the raw materials from which they are made and the creative artisinal way they are produced.



Ham on Wheels is advised by a Michelin star gourmet chef in Barcelona.
Ham on Wheels works basic Catalonian and specific to Barcelona culinary concepts and adapts them to a young casual proposal (glazed bread with tomato and cured ham with multiple combinations and quality ingredients from km0).
In its basic value proposition: Cuisine, design and modernity with roots, conform its position. A proposal close to a broad youthful community but focused on those who have made the bicycle their particular way of life.
Our differentiation from the rest of the food trucks operating in the market is based on:
Differentiation of offer: currently no food truck offers our gastronomy: freshly baked toasted glazed bread with ham and other ingredients that marry exquisitely.
Prioritize the maximum quality without pricing ourselves out of the market (our RRP is between 10% and 20% higher than the market average, despite the fact that the perception of premium quality is much higher)


“Maria una crep”, the first Breton creperie food truck in the country, is founded in 2004 in the Empordà (region of Catalonia). Specialists in breton galette (gluten and lactose free) and durum wheat crepes. (Mmm!).
Very moreish!!


Pizza Truck is a food truck brought to life in a genuine Volkswagen T2 van, a special pick-up version, transformed into an artisanal pizzeria.

After a painstaking restoration and refurbishment a culinary project on wheels has been created, ready to bake the best ever pizzas on wheels.

Our thin based pizzas go “Crunch Crunch”. The variety on offer will have you licking your fingers.


"Reina Croqueta"(Croquette Queen) Food Truck is the first dedicated exclusively to selling 100% handmade croquettes. From an old train carriage remodeled in vintage style to offer ham croquettes made ​​with local and seasonal ingredients. With 25 different flavors, you can try little delicacies like the porcini and foie gras, the traditional mixed meat and veg soup or leek and shrimp among many other varieties.