Justicia Ruano

Justicia Ruano
Thursday, 2 July, 2015 - 17:30

Av. de l'Estadi
08038 Barcelona


Justicia Ruano is a company created in 2009 in Barcelona.


After a long career in the design world -within the big brands -creative director Justicia Ruano wanted to reinvent, with her particular vision, luxury and femininity today.


The careful selection of all materials, fabrics, patterns and the whole process of each garment, make Justicia Ruano a brand in which detail and quality are an integral part of its identity. Each proposal and design reflects the different ways of seeing women's fashion at every stage, creating truly timeless collections. 


Specializing in prêt-à-porter they show, in each collection, pieces for special occasions and moments. This is achieved with the use of a multitude of materials; silks, crepes, chiffon, chantillis, leather, fur, manual embroidery..., that make a trendy "total look" possible.


It's a totally cosmopolitan brand and understands that "their current woman" is found everywhere. The brand has presence in various countries and cities such as France, Japan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Taiwan and New York.



The new summer collection germinates between two varieties which take different paths, the investigation of visual and tactile textures, worked in black and white ( raffia, pleats, wicker...) and the investigation of color through more flat fabrics mixed with reflective pieces with diaphanous materials (organza, silk gauze...) overlays (chantilly lace , guipure...) and prints with washed pictorial motifs.


The floral motif takes center stage this year in the chantilly lace, guipure and in the patterns and volumes of the garments.


The color variations center around warm hues like fuchsia, pinks and oranges intermingled to create new color arrangements.



Designer: Justicia Ruano
Trademark: Justicia Ruano
Adress: Carrer Diputació 293, Entlo 2ª
Barcelona 08009
Phone number: +34 933078130


Web page: www.justiciaruano.com
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/justiciaruanoanun