12:00 – 22:30 / 'Body & Mind' exhibition

Tuesday, 28 June, 2016 - 12:00

Open Area

Juanma Noguera was born in Barcelona in 1969. Hairdresser by profession, self-taught painter and sculptor by passion. Even as a child his mind and his restless hands made him build and transform his toys. In adolescence, his rebellion made him move to transform clothes and accessories, and even to create jewelry.When his friends become independent he certainly does not even dare to design and build some pieces of furniture.


At the age of 24, coinciding with the opening of its first hairdressing salon, he begins to paint trying different techniques reaching to the material painting, creating volumes and reliefs using materials such as wood, iron, steel, cardboard, land...


And finally at his 40´s, manipulating and experimenting with these and other materials begins a new artistic side by creating his first sculptures.


Exhibition synopsis “Body & Mind”
This project draws on the strengths and weaknesses of human beings. The fragile human nature created with resistant materials such as iron, wood, steel, stone, concrete and aluminum.


Disheartened - Iron
Shameless - Iron and Wood
Brainless - Iron and Wood
Cool - Aluminum and Concrete
Mestizo - Erode Wood and Iron
Imperfect - Iron Washers
Almost perfect - Iron
Frozen Heart - Granite, Steel and Aluminum