Carrer de l'Estadi, 12 - 22 
08003 Barcelona

Metro (L1, L3 i L8) - Plaça Espanya
FGC (R5, R6, R50, R60, S4, S8 i S33) - Magòria - La Campana
Buses (num: 150) Av Estadi-INEFC





The INEFC of Barcelona is the headquarters of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia where degrees in science of physical activity and sport are taught. With capacity for 1,000 students, it has its own training fields and indoor and outdoor sporting facilities coveriing over more than 30,000 square meters.


Opened in 1991, the structure, designed by architect Ricardo Bofill, was the first in the Spanish state built using architectural concrete using the prefabricated and formwork technique. Its construction required assembling 1,700 prefabricated concrete elements.


The building is organized around two large square cloisters and the nave that unites them is used as a conference hall. During the 92 Barcelona Olympics the wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling  competitions were held there. Currently, in addition to holding the university, it is also the headquarters of the INEFC Research Group in Sports Science of Barcelona and the  Physical Activity and Sport Social and Educational Research Group.


080 Distribution       

The runway area of the 18th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion will occupy a large portion of one of the two indoor competition spaces which are structured surrounded by two great cloisters one level up.


Conference Hall: This will be the multidisciplinary space. This is the central aisle separating the two large cloisters of the structure. With capacity for 400 people, it will host many of the parallel activities, such as the Texmeeting by TEXFOR, 080 Fashion Investor Day or the masterclass. 


The other big indoor area is where the 080 Fashion Showroom will be located. In the corridors of the cloisters that define this space, at the superior level, the pop-up stores and the 080 Fashion Market will be located.