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Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
C. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
08025 Barcelona


The fascination of Carmen Monforte about fashion began at an early age in her home city. At 20, a textile manufacturer noticed her and encouraged her to launch a career in fashion. It was then that she studied patternmaking, draping and design. In 2006, ES Collection offered her the opportunity to head up a much more ambitious project: develop a line of underwear and swimwear for men. ES Collection’s goal was to transform the concept of men’s intimate apparel by innovating in style, textures and fabrics and paying careful attention to detail in the finishing and to the added value of each garment.

Since the beginning, more than 11 years ago, this goal has been done year after year and the collections have been expanded with athletic and casual lines of clothing ... Every season is a new challenge for her and her team, and today she is proud to say that ES Collection is one of the leading brands in the sector.


They present a collection inspired by the tropical beauty of the Amazon Rainforest, an ecosystem teeming with life. The result is a jolt to the senses that plays with the intensity of both colors and fabrics.

The Glitch trend allows to develop a new concept of artistic expression that gives rise to a kind of visual "error", giving a digital touch to the garments, the outcome is a very up-to date vision of tropical prints.

All these elements are reflected in a collection in which the interplay of volumes and textures creates garments of great adaptability, which together with the intensity of the colors, have produced a fresh, modern and very elegant collection.

Designer: Carmen Monforte Conde

Commercial brand: ES COLLECTION

Address: Cl Doctor Trueta, 122
08005 Barcelona

T. +34 93 309 11 85


Mail: [email protected]