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Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
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08025 Barcelona


After 25 years in the family’s fashion business, Gema used that wealth of experience to start up her own women’s label: Gema Sach.

A collection characterized by top quality fabrics and studied patterns, versatile and timeless in turn. Dressing the current woman in a comfortable way, creating a "fashion that doesn’t go out of fashion" is her great challenge and goal.

The firm was started in 2011, with its collection and Ready-To-Wear and accessories store Gema Sach Capsule 1, (C/ del Tenor Viñas, 12). In the year 2017, she launched her second line and store, Gema Sach Capsule 2, specialized in dresses for any type of event that calls for subtle elegance.


Versatility Gema Sach's new campaign displays versatility.

The long dress is not intrinsically linked to the night, it can be a companion by day. The colors are not limited to the summer heat, they can also complement our winter wardrobe. Everything is possible, when one is comfortable with oneself.

This collection seeks to break the stereotypes of dressing, without losing sight of its maxims; Quality and comfort.

Varied silks, treated velvets, sets of woven fabrics.

The name of the collection, "Eclipse", comes from the ability to design some garments with a dual personality, day and night.

Designer: Gema Sach

Commercial brand: Gema Sach

Address: C/ Tenor Viñas 12, Barcelona i Carrer Bori i Fontestá 1, Barcelona

T. +34 93 880 81 60


Mail: [email protected]