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Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau
C. Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167
08025 Barcelona


Lola Casademunt began in 1981 in her garage at home where she started producing handmade hair accessories. Over the years, the small family business began growing and not only expanded its sale points, but also its product lines to include jewelry, fashion and accessories for women. Currently, the brand management is in the hands of Mar and Maite Gassó, daughters of the founder.

Temporada tras temporada, todas sus colecciones siguen el mismo criterio: ofrecer una gran gama de productos que siguen las últimas tendencias, manteniendo la identidad y el carácter propios de Lola Casademunt.

COLLECTION - Grand Hotel

Colección inspirada en el glamur de los grandes hoteles en verano: los románticos pasillos con flores reflejados en los tonos rosas empolvados que se mezclan con el beige y el rojo.

The range of bright colors based on their tea rooms with delicious cakes colored strawberry, lemon and green.

The views over the coast of the Riviera and the Mediterranean will provide a range of blues. The spicy colors of the evening before the sun slides below the horizon.

Sunlight brings a pure white full of textures. At night, the ball rooms are illuminated by chandeliers and the guests prepare for the soiree in the gardens, where precious stones and embroidery sparkle.

Commercial brand: LOLA CASADEMUNT

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